Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jeannie Sweater finished!

The whole time I was making this sweater, I wasn't all that into it. It's clearly not my style at all with the huge neck, and I thought it looked silly on me. Since it's not for me that doesn't matter, but it still comes as a surprise that when trying on the finished product I actually like it a lot. I still wouldn't wear it myself because of the neck, but I like it much more than I expected to judging by my feelings for it as I was knitting it. It's a little tight on me, but I think it's going to fit Jeannie perfectly since I have put on weight, haha.

I ended up having more than enough yarn to finish both sleeves at the correct length according to the pattern. (If I hadn't had a little leftover of the same yarn from Janet's Gallery Jacket, I wouldn't have made it.) No changes other than the fact that the neck is a bit shorter than the pattern, by maybe 2 inches, but it seems perfect this way to me.

I really think Jeannie is going to like this sweater. She wanted something nice and warm, either a turtleneck or something she could wear over a turtleneck, and something gray. Those were her preferences, and I think this fits the bill.