Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I promised Alex a post today even though I do not have anything terribly interesting for you.

I brought Leo out of hibernation. See this? That's progress right there.

Oh yeah. That's 3-1/2 inches of the front of a sweater. At this rate, I may finish it before I turn 40. The second sweater I ever made was on size 3 needles, and I swore I'd never do it again, yet here I find myself 5 years later knitting a sweater on size 3 needles. Oh well, it'll get done when it gets done. I am NOT pushing to get this baby done for Christmas, ha. No way.

Speaking of Christmas, pretty much no one but Kelly is getting sweaters or knitted stuff this Christmas. I didn't have the time to start early, and now I have no energy to knit up a bunch of sweaters or whatever in a little over a month. I started the collar on Kelly's sweater. That's a bore. No pictures of it because it's just a disembodied strip of stockinette at this point.

But since it is getting cold and I actually don't have a ton of stuff going on knitting-wise (since I am foregoing Christmas knitting for the most part), I have also pulled the Very Tall Socks out of hibernation. I am actually almost done with the first sock. I will probably finish it up tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully all the notes about changes I made on the first sock are still decipherable. This sock is pretty awesome so far though.

And look, it's up to the V on my foot already! Almost done.

I cut the fabric for Alex's needle holder the other night. I have to cut the lining too, and I've been lazy about that. No pictures due to the surprisiness of the project.

I guess that's about it, other than the fact that I took all new fancy pictures for my Etsy listings. Go check it out and maybe buy some yarn!

(This turned into a pretty long post considering I had nothing to say.)

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