Saturday, November 20, 2010

I like stripes.

I finished the first of the Very Tall Socks. It is awesome.

It is also kind of slouchy, so I decided I am going to need something to hold these socks up. Back when I first started the first sock, I was also working on a bikini style gartered underwear from Knitting Lingerie Style. It turned out lame and I didn't like it and would never have worn it. I decided to make a matching pair of boyshort-style underwear with garters to hold these socks up. Not that anyone cares, but that is what kind of underwear I normally wear, so it makes sense to make that rather than bikini underwear which I generally hate. So I wrote up a pattern and have started that. I am fairly confident that it's going to turn out how I wanted, but we shall see! I also started the second sock. Here are both projects , looking like a lot of nothing right now, ha.

I have to figure out what I did with those little garter clips that I was going to use for the previous project...I'm so disorganized.

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