Monday, November 8, 2010

More yarn!

Before the yarn, I want to warn you not to get a cheapo plastic swift. If you're going to get one, splurge and get the wooden one. The plastic one is making my life harder instead of easier. I spent like 2+ hours untangling last night, and I have more ahead of me tonight.

I also have decided I am probably going to dye this entire batch of yarn that I just bought before actually listing any for sale, so it will probably be the beginning of next week until I start officially selling.

Okay, on to the yarn.

This is Mia, an aran weight. I used 5 different pinks to make this one, and they overlap and combine in so many ways that there are actually about 500 different shades of pink! (The parts that look white are actually a pale pink.)

This is Dragonfly, fingering weight. It's yellow, green, teal, brown, gray, black, white, and everything in between.

This is Ink Stain, fingering weight, quite tangled at the moment. It has lots of different shades of blue, gray, black, purple, and white.

Alex says I am an amazing dyer. She also told me to step on a landmine, so I don't know if I trust her judgment exactly, but I know that I'm really happy with this batch.

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