Saturday, November 6, 2010

Playground Shirt finished and other awesomeness

I finished the Playground Shirt tonight! It came out cute.

I also got all the undyed yarn I ordered. Five skeins of Aran Ultrafine Organic Merino (SO soft!) and a 2-lb cone of 100% Superwash Fingering Weight Wool (enough for about 9 skeins).

I used my new swift, which also arrived the other day (and which is rather crappy quality, but maybe I'll make a ton of money now and be able to afford a fancy wood one!), to make up 2 skeins of the fingering weight, and I dyed that and 2 skeins of the aran today. I actually did just a light base color on 2 of them and I will over-dye them in the next day or 2. The other 2 skeins should be good to go as soon as they're dry, and I will show them off here before putting them up for sale. Right now, I'm thinking $27 for the aran and $17 for the fingering weight. We'll see.

Finally, I also bought fabric this weekend for a knitting needle roll for Alex. I'm not showing it off here because it's a Christmas present and a surprise (and because she hasn't shown me the yarn she's using for my gift, haha), but I think she will love it :D I haven't started that yet. My crafty life is so full these days, haha.


  1. I'm so excited to see the needle holder! And at this point, I can afford half a skein of the aran on an ALM discount.

  2. Hahahahaha, well maybe we'll wait until you can afford a whole skein before I sell you anything :P