Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shorts update

I finished the first leg on my shorts. I hit some snags along the way, and I had to backtrack and make some changes, but I'm pretty happy with them now. They look kind of weird around the leg opening because I put some really skinny elastic in there to tighten up the leg a bit, but it looks totally normal when they're on and they're quite comfortable. I'm probably going to write up a real pattern for these, although I have to make a second pair to try out some other changes I want to make. Alex is going to test knit the XXXS "all bones" size for me, hahahaha.

The pattern will have the option for garters or no garters because I really only added the garters because of the Very Tall Socks. Normally I do not wear garters, ha. I do have to redo the cuff on the Very Tall Socks because it's too thick for the garter grips to be able to close on it. So I considered sewing a little bit of ribbon to it or buying thicker garter grips, but Alex came up with the idea of redoing the cuff with eyelets to slip some ribbon through, which I will then sew to the inside of the cuff. That will look so good, I think. So I'm going to do that too.

I also have plans to start making and selling knitting needle rolls on my Etsy shop. I have to work out how much material I need and so forth, but then I'll buy a bunch of fabric and whip up a few of those and sell them.

I have been working here and there on Alex's needle roll, and all my knitting besides the shorts has pretty much been on hold while I finish them! I really need to get back to Kelly's sweater...but I have a month to finish it, haha.

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