Thursday, November 25, 2010

Striped Shorts finished!

I finished the shorts last night. They are awesome. They are incredibly comfortable and fit perfectly.

I like how cropping the back view picture to get rid of the uneccessary parts of the photo just ended up looking like I wanted everyone to get a closer look at my butt. Okay, maybe I did...hahaha. They are a little short in the back, which I actually don't mind, but I think I'm still adding more short rows to the next pair just to see which way I like them better. I don't know when I will start that pair. I want to get some work done on Kelly's sweater and on the Very Tall Socks first.

I bought a bunch of fabric online for knitting needle holders today, so I'll be able to get started on them in the next few weeks and sell a ton of those, hopefully, haha.

I also got new yarn yesterday. I ordered it last week. Another "branching out from KP" purchase, I got some Tahki Yarns Classic Cotton (in, no surprise here, 2 different grays) and Classic Cotton Lite (in Khaki).

Knitting Alliance tomorrow!

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