Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long overdue

I haven't posted in ages. That is laziness on my part, ha. I really should post about the whole fiasco with Jeannie's sweater (it's too short but she likes it otherwise and we had to come up with a solution), the progress of my socks (nearly done, turned the heel on the second one last night), the Knitting Alliance meeting, my first sale/trade of yarn to Alex, etc., but I'm just going to do a quickie post about the bag I made for Kelly. I thought about selling knitting needle holders, but then I decided they are more time consuming than I was interested in as far as making and selling stuff. I'll make them if someone I know wants one, but I'm not going to sell them online. I am going to stick with bags instead. You can use them for groceries or whatever. I made up a pattern the other day, and I whipped one up for Kelly to test my pattern. It came out great. A few tiny mistakes/things I will be more careful about for sale items, but overall just right. It's also reversible.

I don't necessarily love these fabrics together, but she picked them out a while ago for a different project which I later backed out of. She likes them, doesn't matter if I do!

Minion approves. I put her in to test the strength/show off the size, and she just loved it. I unhooked it from the doorknob and put it on the couch, and hours later she was still in there sleeping comfortably.

I think I'm going to make some that are reversible (with 2 different fabric patterns) and some that just have a white lining (still reversible but more boring, ha). The reversible ones will be $20 and the white lined ones will be $15. That's the plan at the moment.

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