Thursday, December 9, 2010

Miscelleneous including finished bag.

I went to String Thing Shop for the first time in a while last night. Unfortunately it was like the worst night to go because the weather was terrible. I almost turned around on the way there, but I was not at a place on the road where I could turn, and by the time I got to a place where I could turn around, the weather was much better. So I kept going. Then I was worried about the weather the whole time I was there and left earlier than normal. It was also terrible on the way home also. So that was fun.

But I did get yarn for my Pink, which will actually be green. The colors are a little livelier in person.

I also finished one of my bags which is now for sale on Etsy! I like it. I made a mistake when cutting, so I had to do the straps striped on both sides instead of green on one and stripes on the other. But I still like it. I also corrected the couple tiny mistakes from Kelly's bag and this one came out just right. Three more nearly done.

Here's what Jeannie's sweater looks like with the black at the bottom. Eh.

I started doing the stupid hat in Comfy Worsted last night, and it's just not going to work. I'll have to use something woolier that ribs and contracts better. I think I'm going to use some 220 I have that I was going to use for pants for Christian. I can always get more.

I also did one round of the Cable Net socks last night. That sucked. I had made a mistake in the previous round (same mistake on 3 repeats = 3 mistakes), so it was a pain to correct that. But now it should be smooth sailing other than the fact that even that one round was rough on the hands. I don't know, I made those Austrian Patterned Knee Socks and they were super intricate cables and they were KNEE SOCKS, and I didn't have half the trouble I'm having with these. I guess my hands are getting elderly, haha.

Finally, I keep forgetting to mention how much Amanda LOVED Baby Ella's zombie dolls! Yay. She said they were way more awesome than she had imagined.

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