Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swinging Stripe finished!

I finished Kelly's sweater. This is my last of these sweaters, I think. Haha.

I restarted Jeannie's sweater last night. It was too short for her, and I couldn't get the same color gray to add some length, so I got some black. I took out the gray ribbing, and I am adding about 4-5 inches on the bottom. Then I'll reknit the ribbing in the gray I salvaged from the original ribbing. It's not going to look totally awesome, but I think it will be decent. I don't care if I like it, as long as she likes it.

I also have to make a hat for a girl who works for my mom, and I've decided to make myself a sweater. I'm making Pink from Custom Knits, although probably not in pink. And I put Leo back on hold because I just haven't had time for it, there is no hurry, and I'm at least mildly annoyed with Aaron anyway, haha.

I'm also thinking of pulling the Cable Net socks back out. They are really rough on my hands, all the tiny cables, but even if I work on it for like 2 rows a day or something, they MAY someday get done. I've only had them started for a year and a half.

I'll have some bags to show off soon. I'm working on 4 bags which will be for sale on my Etsy, 2 reversible, 2 with plain lining. I think they are going to be pretty nice.

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