Friday, January 7, 2011

A much-awaited (?) update

Alex informed me last night that I have not done a blog post this year. It is not that I haven't been knitting and sewing; I have. It's a combination of things. The fact that I am right now only knitting for me leaves me under less pressure to knit like a madman. The fact that I have been sewing takes some time away from knitting also, except that I'm not even pressuring myself that much as far as sewing. I think mostly I am redirecting my energy elsewhere - into cleaning/organizing and also into studying Russian. Haha. I bought a book on learning Russian a while ago and studied it for a while until it got overwhelming and I gave up. I recently picked it up again (after doing this health challenge thing about 5 things on your "bucket list." One of mine was learn Russian, and I figured what am I waiting for?!) and have been devoting some of my usual knitting time to that. So I've been kind of a busy girl lately, just in different areas than normal. Normally I knit nonstop for hours at a time. Lately I knit some, sew some, study Russian, clean a bit, etc. I'm branching out, ha.

Regardless, I have not updated lately, and I do have a few things to show from my long absence!

I finished 5 bags since I last posted.

These 2 are for sale. The button one is lined in black, and the yellow is lined in white. They both have an inside pocket matching the outer fabric.

This one I loved so much I decided to keep it. It's reversible. Both sides -

Alex wanted a bag for a neighbor of hers as a gift. She picked out this fabric. It has a white lining and also a small pocket that matches the outer fabric. She got that in the mail the other day and loves it, so yay.

Technically Alex's was my first custom order, but this was my first custom order from a stranger, ha. Someone on Etsy liked the fabrics of two of the previous bags I had made and asked if I could make one reversible bag with both fabrics. She also requested extra long straps, so these are about 30" instead of the usual 15".

I guess that's it as far as sewing and my store go, other than the fact that I have uploaded pictures of all of my available fabrics in case of custom orders. I added the link to my information on Etsy so people can browse through what I have available to make if they want something that I don't yet have made.

As far as knitting, I'm still working on my Cable Net socks (I'm at the heel flap which is a pain with all the cables!) and my green Pink (at the waist decreases). I'm going rather slowly on both, but it's nice to be able to knit at a relaxed pace with absolutely no pressure.

The space between the needles is how much of the heel I have done. And of course my picture is sideways. Oh well, deal with it, ha.

Sweaterness -


  1. What size needles are you using for the socks? I love them, they're so pretty!

  2. Also, I love my bag :P