Saturday, January 29, 2011

New dyed yarn

I told Alex a while back that if she gave me yarn, I'd dye it for her for free. She wanted me to do a skein of Ink Stain and a skein of Fiona. I tried doing Fiona the other day. Due to several stupid decisions on my part (such as not soaking the yarn long enough in vinegar), it came out nothing like Fiona. I ended up redyeing it a day later. I got to try out crock pot dyeing for a change. I borrowed my mom's crock pot (one of 3 actually. Who needs 3 crockpots?), but the one I took was really small and not quite big enough for my purposes. I still managed to make it work, and I ended up with a new colorway altogether. It's kind of like reverse Stellar, purple with blue instead of blue with purple. I named it Alexandra. And I am having an incredibly difficult time getting accurate pictures, so just trust me when I say that it's mostly purple because it looks mostly blue here. (Also it was a large skein and I split it in 2 to make dyeing easier.)

I'm still working on Leo. I think I'm close to 11 inches now. It's going to take forever, but oh well.

I've made a lot of progress on Pamina. I definitely wish I'd picked a less variegated yarn for this because I don't think the cables pop as much as I would like, but I'm not starting over at this point, ha. I've done almost 3 complete repeats of the pattern.

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