Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(Not) Pink finished!

My un-pink Pink is finished. I still have to block it. I'm not totally pleased with the way it lays right now (honestly it's not as tight as I expected and I lays funny, and I think it makes me look fat, ha), but I think blocking should help.

I pulled Leo back out of hiding. I have about 7 inches done so far.

I also started a new sock, Pamina. It's another crazy cabled sock, of course. I finished the cuff and almost one full repeat of the cable pattern. I'll probably end up doing at least 4 repeats (pattern says 3, but I like my socks longer). These are, of course, rough on the hands too, so I'm not doing too much at once with these. Usually I can manage 2 rounds without getting sore hands.

Someone reassure me that the cable pattern stands out well even with the variegated yarn (which I dyed)...I usually do intricately cabled socks on solid yarn, so I'm not sure how I feel about these. I absolutely love the colors, but I'm not sure the cables stand out enough.


  1. You can totally see it! I very much like the pattern! Putting into my ravelry favs! :)

  2. Ok, thanks! I'm used to having more noticeable bold cables in solid colors :) The charts for this one are kind of confusing, but it makes sense after a few rounds and it's worth it because they are awesome, ha.