Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lego Guy

Yesterday was Enzo's fifth birthday, and he also received the super secret present I made him, so I can show pictures. It's a Lego man! I have been meaning to make this for a long time but never had anyone to make it for (except myself, haha). I was pretty sure Enzo liked Legos, and even if he didn't I thought he'd like a toy that he could take apart and put together. Apparently he liked it so much that he slept with it last night :)

This was a little bit of a pain to make, but I blame most of the trouble on the yarn (acrylic - never again) and the fact that the needles were a little small for the amount of contortions needed. It killed my hands. I had gone up a needle size from the pattern (5 instead of 4), but if I made it again I'd go up at least one more. I made some notes during the knitting, but nothing really worth mentioning except 2 things. First, any part that was bound off and then had stitches picked up from the BO edge to do the top of the box shape, BIND OFF LOOSELY. It was really hard picking up some of those BO stitches. Also, for the feet, CAST ON SUPER TIGHT. If you do it too loosely, they don't hold the box shape at all. The CO really needs to be rigid on the bottom of the foot. That's about it. Otherwise, I'd use bigger needles and less stiff yarn.


  1. Lego Guy is adorable! He looks like he would be fun to play with.

  2. Thanks for helpful pattern details.