Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dress started

I got my pattern in yesterday for my dress. I cut out all the pattern pieces and then started the arduous task of cutting all the fabric. I'm still waiting for the chiffon to arrive, so I have still more to cut, but I got the satin, lining, and interfacing cut. There are a few steps I can do with just the fabric that I have now, but not much. I ironed on the interfacing and pinned several pieces to be sewn later today. Then I will be back to waiting for the other fabric to arrive and then cut that and start sewing for real.

I did finish the first of the socks I started for Aaron a few weeks ago. I could have had both socks done in 4 days had I had put any effort into it, but instead the first sock took me like a month because I hardly did any work on it.

Aaron's sister just had a baby, and I kind of want to make him a sweater or something. They're having a baby shower on October 1 (she didn't know she was pregnant until fairly recently and turned out to be much farther along than she thought, so the shower plans got kind of screwed up and he was born before the shower), so hopefully I can knit up a little sweater (probably a Green Zebra Baby Sweater in blue) in the next 3 weeks. I will have to actually put some effort into it rather than sit back and hope it knits itself which is how I've been knitting lately. It doesn't work.

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