Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Replacement fabric

The fabric I ordered to replace the sparkly nightmare chiffon arrived yesterday, and it is PERFECT! It's exactly, exactly what I wanted. Yay! I cut it all out last night. It was a huge pain. There was less cutting to do than with the satin, but it was really a lot more difficult to cut than expected. (Mainly because of its lack of behavior/staying put but also because it just wasn't cutting smoothly for some reason.) I also pinned a bunch of the fabric last night that I will probably sew tonight, so things are under way!

Here is the new chiffon:

And here it is layered over the satin:

Also, there was a minor mistake with the pattern. It had me cutting pattern piece 2 out of the lining when it really should have said piece 4. Luckily I had lining fabric left over and was able to correct that, although now I have an extra piece 2 cut out of lining that I don't need.

I also started Michael's sweater yesterday.

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