Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm still alive.

With school, work, and general laziness, my craftiness has been greatly decreased lately. I haven't knitted or sewn anything in weeks. I still never finished the scrap socks. I started a pair of socks for Aaron, but only got a couple inches of the first one done before getting bored again. I'm in a crafting funk. Aaron's sister is expecting a baby any day now, and that hasn't even dragged me into a knitting frenzy yet.

BUT, I do have an upcoming event next month which I have decided to make a new dress for. So expect actual updates in the near future. I ordered the pattern and fabric and everything today, so I still have to wait for it to arrive before getting started. Hopefully this will get me back in the groove!

This is the pattern I'm using, and it's the pink dress that I'm going to make, although mine will be gray. It's satin with a chiffon overlay and it's also lined (I assume only the bodice is lined), so it should require a fair amount of sewing.

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