Monday, September 19, 2011


So I should be done with my dress by now and I would be...if it fit properly. I realized the other day that it's not me that is fat, it's the dress, haha. It's too big at certain parts of the bodice which makes it puff out where it shouldn't and therefore makes me look lumpy. I'm basically going to have to take like the entire dress apart to take in the seams. I guess it's better that it's big than small because there would be nothing to do about that. It's just going to be a pain. To help with the ordeal, I've decided to make a dress form which Aaron will be helping me with later today. So that is the current project. When I get that done (surely I will have a picture-filled post for you about that, haha), I'll start trying to figure out how to make the dress fit me by making it fit the dress form. Luckily I have a month to finish the dress and it only took about a week to do most of the first attempt. All should be well.

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