Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creation of dummy

I had Aaron wrap me in duct tape yesterday to make my dress form/dressmaker's dummy. I was going to take pictures of how silly I looked wrapped in duct tape because it was funny, but then I got really sick and it wasn't that funny and I just had to get it off! It requires three layers of tape. By layer 2, I was getting both antsy and a little unwell. By layer 3, I felt terrible. It was really hot inside all that tape, and I got overheated. I was sweating, but I was also wrapped so much that the heat had no way to escape my body. I felt like I used to feel in kickboxing class when I would overheat, but the whole room was so hot from 15 bodies jumping and sweating that there was no way to cool down, even by stopping. I used to have to leave and go outside for air. My hands would tingle and I would feel like I was either going to puke or pass out, and that is exactly what happened yesterday. By the end of the third layer, he was really hurrying to get it done and get me out. We finished the tape and had to mark some lines (bust, waist, center front and back). We were finally done, and I was seriously so close to really either throwing up or passing out. I did not expect that reaction. Anyway, by that point there was no time for pictures. I grabbed my scissors and had him cut me free. He had some trouble with it, but by the time he had it halfway cut up the back I was feeling better. Then I got out of the stupid thing and had to lie down and drink water. Then, the same thing that would happen to me in kickboxing, I finally cooled down and then I got the chills because I was like over-cooled. What an experience.

But regardless of the misery it caused, the dummy itself is pretty awesome. She's not done yet (and she needs a name). Aaron had made a stand for her earlier in the day (and yes, she's a she, not an it, haha). I taped up the cut up the back, and we filled it with that sealant foam stuff that expands to fill cracks and stuff. We used 4-1/2 cans but probably could have gotten by with 4 because it really started expanding out the top. But it was easier than using stuffing because it fit into all the curves and expanded them properly without having to maneuver the stuffing around to make it look right or whatever. It's drying in the garage now (hanging upside down on clothes hangers from a pipe, which looks hilarious. I told Aaron it looks like a bat in the shape of a human torso, hahaha). Later today when the foam is dry, Aaron will cut off the excess foam, cut a hole down the center of the foam, and insert the stand. Pretty awesome. I definitely will have pictures of the finished product.


  1. do you have pictures of yourself wrapped in duct tape?

  2. No, I don't. I fully intended to get pictures, but I got SO SICK from being all wrapped up that we just ended up hurrying to finish it and get me out of it!