Monday, September 26, 2011

RIP Nora

Well, my dummy finally dried and was ready to go. I named her Nora*, and she was lovely. We then discovered that the foam had expanded too much inside of her, so she was no longer proportionate to my measurements. There was at least an inch difference in the bust and waist. Not helpful to have a dummy that doesn't match my measurements. My dress-in-the-making which is waaay too big on me, I could barely close in the back on her. So she is being retired. This is a much longer story than I am giving details about (including ways we tried to fix her, how she leaked foam everywhere and almost poisoned the cat, etc.), but the end result is that Nora is not of any use to me. We may try again someday to make another Nora, but I don't have it in me right now, and I need this dress done soon. So I don't feel like wasting time or money on this anymore right now. So I'm kind of winging my dress alterations. I started dismantling it and have calculated how much I need to take the seams in. Hopefully it all goes quickly, but I'll be happy just to get it done and fitting by October 21 which is when I need it.

Nora in her prime:

*I named her after a character in Death to Smoochy. We used all this foam sealant stuff and it ended up everywhere, and I kept thinking of a line from the movie where Nora said, "He's a foamie! A fabric stuffer!" And so I named her Nora.

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