Thursday, September 29, 2011

This dress will be the death of me.

Okay, so I basically made almost the whole dress the first week I started working on it. Then I realized it was way too big up top. I decided that I was going to make the dress form to make it easier to adjust the size and take in seams and just make it fit. After a week of trying to get the foam inside the dress form to dry, it turned out that the foam had expanded too much and now the dress form was going to be of no help whatsoever. I have already mentioned all of this.

My next step was to start taking the dress apart and attempting to take in the seams. This sounded easy at first but turned into a nightmare. It ended with me sewing two pieces together that didn't belong together and ending up in tears of frustration and hatred for this dress. At that point I felt like if I kept going with what I was doing, I would hate the dress forever because it just wasn't ever going to be as good as it was originally (aside from the fact that it would fit better). My other option was to start fresh, buy new fabric, recut it, resew everything in a smaller size. I hated the thought of buying $50 worth of supplies all over again. I might have hated the thought of recutting all that fabric even more. Finally I decided on a compromise, starting fresh with the same fabric. I took apart the entire dress and cut all my pieces to match the next smallest size. So far so good. I got the front of the bodice done last night and will get this thing finished and fitting by October 21.

It's just been a frustrating experience. I originally measured in between two sizes, so I went with the bigger one, thinking it would be better to be a little big than a little small because I could always take it in. Well in the meantime, I think I lost some weight, and I ended up matching the smaller size measurements, so the dress was more than a little big. At this point, I don't care if it ends up so small that I have to hold my breath all day. But I think it will fit nicely this time around.

I am, however, finished with Michael's sweater, other than putting buttons on. That is good news because the baby shower is in 2 days.

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