Thursday, October 13, 2011


So the event I was making the dress for is postponed indefinitely, so I have no real need to fly through finishing it after all. I actually am to the same point where I was when I started over, which is to say almost finished, although now I have lost all motivation to actually finish. As long as I get it done by May, I should be good to go. Really, all I have to do is sew down the facing of the top band, put in the zipper, and do the hem, but I am just in a funk about not even needing it anymore, so I don't know when I'll drag myself back to it.

I have a list of knitting things I need to make also, but I've been putting them off and putting them off. Aaron's second sock, a vest for Christian, some lobster claw mittens and duck booties for one of Amanda's friends (who is going to pay me for them), a crazy gargoyle mask thing for Aaron. No desire to knit these days. I did manage to finish Michael's sweater in time for the shower (everyone loved it), so it is possible for me to do these things. Just a matter of getting started, I guess.

I should also dye up some new yarn sometime soon. I bought a few skeins of a new yarn (Cascade Greenland, a washable aran weight) and also still have some 220 to dye, I think. My craftiness is at a total standstill these days. Life has been weird lately.

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