Thursday, March 22, 2012

Minor standstill

I'm still waiting on the chiffon to arrive for my wedding dress. It was taking forever (much longer than last time I ordered it), so I called the company today to check on it. Apparently is backordered and should be shipped the middle of next week. I'll probably have it 5 days or so later, so maybe the first week of April. I have all the satin and the lining cut and ready to go.

I started another dress in the meantime too. I'm using the fabric I just bought recently at Joann and also one of my new patterns. I don't know what this is for, just a summer dress I guess. It's from this batch of patterns. This is the first Project Runway pattern I've tried, and I like it so far. You can mix and match all the parts. So I chose which bodice I wanted (the strapless) and what length dress (short*) and other design elements (godets, which I will do in plain black). I like the mix and match option rather than, Dress A is strapless and long with godets, dress B is strapless and short but without godets, dress C has a halter top and is long, etc. It's more like, I want this bodice, this skirt, no ruffle, etc. I don't know, maybe that's not THAT different than a regular pattern, but whatever, I like it! Anyway, I do need some lining fabric for this one, so I haven't officially started this dress either other than to cut the fabric.

What I'm saying is I have absolutely nothing to show for the past week, craft-wise, hahaha. Soon.

*I don't wear long dresses because I am too short. This one is still going to be a bit longer than normal. I usually chop about 3 inches off the bottom because I'm short, but I forgot to do it this time.

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