Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding dress and veil

So I finally got married this past weekend and am at liberty to show off my dress and veil, both of which I made. 

The dress looks very shiny in these pictures!  I'm sure I have mentioned it, but again it's satin with a chiffon overlay.  I hated working with the chiffon and will probably not use it again unless I absolutely have to.

Here's the veil.  Funny story about that.  I found a tutorial online and determined that I needed 3 feet of tulle.  When I ordered the fabric, I typed in 3.  I was later shocked at the sheer amount of fabric that I received in the mail until a day or so later I finally realized that you don't order fabric by the foot but by the yard.  So I had ordered 3 yards when I needed 3 feet and ended up with 3 times as much as I needed.  So there's quite a bit of gray tulle left over.

Anyway, after all the stress of the dress-making and the not knowing when we might be able to get married, everything finally came together.  My dress was amazing, and I got a ton of compliments on it.  Even the judge said he liked it, haha.  I loved the veil, which was a last minute addition but totally worth it.  The wedding was great.  We had a small ceremony with just 2 witnesses (Kelly and Eric) and Beth as photographer, and then we went back to Aaron's parents' house for a small party, about 20-25 close friends and family.  It was low-key, casual, small, and just perfect for us.  I could not have been happier with everything, the dress, the veil, the wedding itself, and the party, which his mom did an amazing job with.  Everything was awesome, and we are married finally!

And a picture with the three nephews just because they're all awesome.  (That's Michael, Christian, and Holden, left to right.)


  1. you looked so beautiful! I bet you can use the veil fabric for some other awesome project - like a fluffy dress?

  2. aww, thanks :D

    I probably could use it to fluff up a dress. Hadn't thought of to find a new dress to work on!