Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Long overdue post

So I haven't posted in ages.  I haven't been all that crafty lately.  I picked up some knitting last night for the first time since I ripped out Durrow months ago.  As of last night I was almost finished with my colorful scrap socks that I started over a year ago (!) and have been languishing unfinished and unworked-on for quite some time.  I may finish that up tonight.  I don't know.  I don't have the the same excitement for knitting as I used to have.  I am in need of something to relax and de-stress me, so we'll see if this helps.

In the past month or so, I have had a sort of ongoing project sewing wise.  I have been cutting up old shirts that I never wear and sewing them into underwear.  Basically I cut up a couple pairs of old underwear and made a pattern using the pieces.  Then I cut up old shirts and sewed them up.

Most of them are the same style except the ferret ones.  The main style has a seam down the back, so to get the whole picture on the ferret ones without the seam, I had to make another style.  

There's also another plain black pair that I haven't gotten a picture of, and a red and black striped pair that I haven't finished the leg edges on yet.

Finally, I took this shirt, which had a stain on it...

...and did this with it.  (You can't see in the picture, but OF COURSE the stain ended up right in the crotch area of the underwear, so that's super sexy, ha.) 

The leg holes aren't finished on that either, but I happen to have the picture, so here you go.

Anyway, my underwear supply is thoroughly replenished now, haha.

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