Monday, May 30, 2011

Scrap socks

I'm almost done with Leo. I have one side/sleeve seam to finish and then the neckband. That's all. I got bored with seaming the other day, though, and started a new pair of socks. I gathered up all the tiny scraps of sock yarn that are not really enough to do much with and combined them together to make scrappy striped socks. I have 12 different colors for the stripes, and I'm doing dark gray heels on both socks. I'm making Aaron pick each color as I need a new one. I don't love them, but they're coming out pretty cool in a weird way. (I would have liked them better, I think, if I didn't have variegated yarns in with the solids, but I wasn't sure about final amounts and having enough and everything, so I mixed some crazy dyed yarns in with the solids. Oh well.) He is picking different color combinations than I would have, so they're kind of a joint effort. I'm a little more than half done with the first one. The next sock will have a different color sequence. No matching socks for me.