Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New yarn

I saw something on another blog about Gaia's Colours Fiber Arts and checked out their store. I got a skein of Pales Sock in Dionysis, and it's amazing. It's hard to get decent pictures of the awesomeness, though.

I also bought a bunch of white Cascade 220 to dye. Appalachian Yarns was having a big sale, and I stocked up. I had been meaning for a while to get some, but I couldn't beat the price of $5/skein (normally $6.25/skein there plus shipping or $6.75 at STS, so even with the shipping costs it was a great deal). I got 8 skeins, but I haven't received them yet. Probably today. I also decided to get some acid dyes as well, so I ordered I think 6 colors from Dharma Trading Company. I'm thinking of getting a crock pot for kettle dyeing, but I just spent enough money on yarn and dye that I will probably put that plan on hold for a little while. Regardless, I will soon be dyeing again.

In actual knitting news, I've still just been working on Leo. It's been a while since I posted, and I think I mentioned that I finished Enzo's birthday present but won't be showing it off until I send it out. A couple more weeks. Anyway, I did something to my elbow and have been having this nerve problem from my elbow to pinky with pain and numbness, so I've been taking it easy on knitting in case that is contributing. I knitted a little bit last night for the first time in a few days. I didn't get that much done before I started getting numbness in my finger again, so I had to stop again. Lame. I'm a few rows short of starting the sleeve cap on the second sleeve! (It's entirely possible that this was caused by knitting about 2/3 of a sleeve in 2 days.) So as soon as I finish that, I just have the neckband and seaming. Leo may get done!

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