Saturday, May 14, 2011

Secret Project finished!

Okay, well I still can't show off the thing I made for Enzo's birthday because it's still a month away, but I did finish it. It came out pretty awesome. I will share pictures in a month or so.

Currently I'm back to working on Leo. I got side tracked for a bit because Kelly's mother-in-law asked me to make some burp cloths for a baby shower she's going to. I started one, but she wanted them so big (14 x 18) that I wasn't going to have enough CotLin to make one in a solid color. I could mix and match, but the colors I have wouldn't look that great together. Not to mention I just didn't want to make the stupid things. So Kelly said Barbara wouldn't care anyway because she had already made some. So I wasted some time on that, but I'm back to Leo's first sleeve now. And that's about it as far as crafty stuff at my house.

Mainly I'm just trying to integrate a new cat into the house, and it's not going well.

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