Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dyed yarn for sale

I dyed 2 skeins of the worsted weight yarn I bought recently. The other skeins I want to use the acid dyes on, so I need special bowls and stuff that I don't use for cooking. I have to buy that before using them. So I only dyed 2 skeins, using Wilton's. I did them pretty similar to Irish Shamrocks only with purple instead of pink and with less purple. It's basically a semisolid green with bits of purple here and there.

I called it Leafy Bug which is from the movie I-Spy with Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy. There's this plane that can become invisible to camouflage it, and when Owen Wilson is telling him about it, Eddie Murphy says something like, "Like one of those bugs that hides on a leaf all day because it looks like a stick? Like a leafy bug? That's what you should call it, the Leafy Bug." So that's what I called it.

Anyway, I should get some yarn-dyeing-specific bowls and stuff this week, so maybe next week I'll have 6 more skeins to show off.

Also, a girl my mom works with asked me to make something for her 2-year-old son and 9-year-old niece for their upcoming birthdays in July. The boy is Kenny, Jr., but they just call him Junior. The girl is, of all the horrors, Anjewl. I can't even think how that would be pronounced other than that it must be some terrible illiterate spelling of Angel. Anyway, I decided to make another Socktopus for Junior and I found a cute little girly purse pattern for Anjewl. I started the purse last night, and I'm probably at least a third of the way done with it, probably closer to halfway done. It's easy. And the socktopus is really quick and easy too. Oh, and she wants Anjewl's name on the purse if I can do it. The purse is felted, so I think I'm going to knit the whole thing, embroider on the name in a different color, and then felt it. Hopefully that will work nicely.

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