Sunday, August 19, 2012


I definitely knitted too much this weekend.  I need to go easier on my hands.  Typing 40 hours a week and knitting a couple hours (more on the weekends) a day is not going to do me any favors in the long run...

I got a lot done on Effervesce though.  

I like these a lot so far.  They seem to fit too, even with using larger needles.  So that's good.  I was going to start a stockinette pair for when the cabling is too much for my hands, but my yarn stash has been considerably depleted since I haven't had money to buy yarn in a long, long time.  But now that Aaron has a job and we don't have to spend all of our money on bills and stuff, I felt like I could buy a few balls of yarn.  I got some Knit Picks Comfy Fingering last night.  (So excited that they have Comfy in fingering weight now!  I think they have had it for a while but again, I haven't had money to buy yarn and therefore have not been yarn shopping.)  I think I got 8 balls, 2 each of 4 different colors.  I am going to make 2 different pairs of stranded color work socks (since I have decided after the Garden Gate socks that I stranded knitting), and use some of the leftovers for heels/toes of a scrap sock I have in mind.

Basically to give my hands a break, I wanted to do a plain pair, didn't have the yarn for it, and bought yarn for 2 pairs that will probably be rough on my hands anyway.  Brilliant.  I'm just kind of excited to be knitting again.  I didn't miss it at all in the months I took off, but once I picked it up again I became hooked again.  Then again, the thought that we won't be completely broke anymore kind of makes things more exciting in general, so maybe that's part of it. 

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