Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Still alive

So I haven't posted here in months and months and months.  I hadn't been knitting all that much for a while but recently picked up again.  A few things I've made recently:

A pair of socks for Aaron.  I misjudged the foot length so they are longer than necessary.  He does not have massive feet.  I also reknitted the heels on some of his other socks because he wore them so much last winter that I could barely get him to let me wash them.

Then I made him a sweater, Leo.  I used the yarn that I had bought last year or earlier this year to make Durrow, which turned out terrible and I ripped out. This is not a great picture.

I also made a pair of Stitch Surfers for myself using some leftover yarn that I dyed and some solid blue.  Lastly I reknitted the toe of one of my socks with a hole in it.

That's about it here.  I am currently working on a pair of striped leftover socks which I should have done in a few days.  I am unemployed now, hence the resurgence (and speed) of knitting projects, I guess.  Boredom will do that...

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