Friday, December 28, 2012

Mismatched socks

I used some leftover yarn that I dyed as well as another previously unused yarn that I dyed to make these.  I have enough of the green/blue yarn left to make another pair of socks also.  The purple/green was left from a pair of plain stockinette socks.  I  like them.  No creative name for them, I guess.  The green yarn was Lagoon and the purple was called Zim, and there is no amusing way to combine them (like I combined SweeTart and Stellar into "Sweet and Stellar socks."  Not all that clever, but still better than Zim Lagoon...), so they are just plain old purple and green mismatched socks.

I don't believe I mentioned that my Rare Parrot/Skew socks got felted in the wash shortly after I made them.  I recently salvaged the yarn from them and will be reknitting the same socks again. 

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