Friday, January 4, 2013

New dyed yarns

I had some undyed fingering weight yarn sitting around for ages and decided to dye it the other day.  It came out great other than the fact that I think my devious kitten got at it while it was drying.  There are a gazillion breaks in two of the skeins and a few in the third.  It is going to be a huge pain to knit with because I'm going to have to rejoin yarn about 40 times, but the colors came out great at least.

I'm calling this one Gina because dark purple is her favorite and it reminds me of her.  (Too bad the yarn is disastrous or I would make her some socks in this yarn.)  It was supposed to be purple with some black, but the black came out more gray.  Still really awesome and much more vibrant than it looks in the pictures. 


This one is Greyhound, nickname of above mentioned devious kitten.  (He's gray and is like a little dog.  He plays fetch and does other doggy things, so we call him The Greyhound.)  It's three different shades of gray with a touch of leftover black from the last skein (which just ended up dark gray too). 


This one doesn't have a name yet.  I really can't think of anything awesome.  It's sapphire blue with a bit of chartreuse, and the colors mixed in places into lots of shades of green and blue.  The really bright sapphire areas are amazing.  Similar to Peacock, but I didn't use teal and the amounts of each color are different, so it really needs its own name...Suggestions welcome.




As far as projects, I'm still reworking Skew/Rare Parrot after a minor felting incident.  I finished the first sock the other day and should be finished with sock 2 within the next 2 days.  Then I don't know what's up next.  How many pairs of handknitted socks does one person need?  Because I'm up around 30 now and see no end in sight...(I would knit for other people, but a lot of the yarn I use is hand wash only, and most people aren't interested in hand washing their socks.  You should see my house on sock washing day...30-ish pairs of socks in the tub and drying all over radiators.  I should probably do small batches more often, but I'm not all that interested in hand washing socks either.)


  1. you named a yarn for me! <3

  2. I did! I wish it was better quality; I would make you socks or something.