Saturday, January 5, 2013


I decided on a name for the blue/green yarn I just dyed (from yesterday's post).  I was looking something up online and discovered that Hera, the Greek goddess, is closely associated with the peacock.  Her chariot was pulled by peacocks, and in a lot of the pictures I found, she is depicted with a peacock or with peacock feathers behind her.  So since the new yarn reminded me of my other yarn called peacock (never used that word so many times in one paragraph...), I decided to call this one Hera.  Here it is again:

I just finished up my redo Rare Parrot socks and am at a loss at the moment as far as what to knit next.  Probably more socks.  No pictures of the reworked Parrots since they are pretty much the same as the original.

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