Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Durmstrang finished

It was definitely, definitely worth the hassle of reknitting basically the entire first sock on smaller needles.  I finished the first sock today, and it fits like a glove.  A wonderful foot glove. Pictures!

Front panel.  I like how the pattern continues all the way down the toe, although the toe ends up a little pointier than I would like.  Whatever, it's awesome. Decreases on the front are done within the pattern rather than one stitch in from each end as in most socks.

Dexter helping to show off the back.

A non-cat picture of the back.  Love the foot stripes as usual.  The pattern had a kind of zigzag stranded pattern on the heel.  I tried it out and just was not satisfied.  I think with more muted colors it would have looked good, but with these bright conflicting colors it was just a total eyesore.  I went with plain blue and am happy with that. 

Side panel (both sides are the same).  The main pattern decreases into just hearts and then into little V's...

 ...which split into just single slanted lines along the foot.

The only way I could keep him out of the pictures was to throw a toy for him to fetch and quick take the picture before he could bring it back to be thrown again.  This is why we call him the Greyhound, because he's secretly a dog, a hound-cat.


I will get better full-leg pictures once the second sock is done, but for now this will do.

I used just over one ball of the blue yarn for one sock due to the hemmed cuff which is blue inside (so 15 extra rows in blue, otherwise one ball would have been enough), so my choices were knit the second sock reversed (blue on a green background) or get more yarn.  I decided to get more yarn and knit the second sock the same (green on blue).  I will only need a small amount of blue from another ball and will use that with some leftover Lilac from Neptune High to make something else fabulous.  I also got some gray and black yarn to make Selbudeath in more appropriate colors as well as some fuchsia and some kind of purple for another as-yet-undetermined stranded pair.  I got a bunch of Swish Worsted for another Gallery Jacket, which I made a few years back as a present for Janet.  I have a feeling she never wore it, but whatever.  I want one of my own since I have realized that I have NO nice clothing whatsoever (gained weight, got rid of all business-y clothes since I was working at home and didn't expect to fit in them ever again, lost weight, and discovered that I have no nice clothes except some summer dresses which is no help in the winter if I ever choose to look nice in something other than jeans and a Star Wars T-shirt), so I got some gray yarn for that.  I shall start expanding my wardrobe.  (There is no shortage of fanciness in the sock department, however.)  But in the meantime, I have started Durmstrang sock 2 and will be working on that until new yarn arrives.  Then onto new and exciting things. 

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