Sunday, February 10, 2013


New needles have arrived, and I have restarted Durmstrang on size 1.5 needles.  I got Knitter's Pride Nova needles, and they are pretty nice.  I like them.  My 1's and 2's are Susan Bates Quicksilver which are also nice.  I have no idea what my 0's are, I think some kind of Susan Bates also.  I couldn't find any of those in 1.5's though.  Anyway, the Novas are nice.  They are metal, which I prefer for sock knitting, and the yarn slides really nicely off them.  The only minor complaint I have is that I got 6" instead of 8", so they're a little smaller than I'm used to.  Otherwise, very nice to knit with.  The knitting is going well.  I'm about 16 rounds in, and the size seems really good too.  So I'm happy with the new needles!  And I will be knitting up all those patterns in my queue that I've put off because they require 1.5 needles.

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