Friday, March 15, 2013

Gallery Jacket

I don't even think I mentioned that I started knitting the Gallery Jacket.  I also finished it since my last post.  It came out great, and I really like it.  Aaron liked it too and wants me to make him a ribbed vest similar to the ribbing on the Gallery Jacket.  I haven't started anything yet because I have no yarn for it and no money for yarn at the moment, ha.  But here is my finished sweater:

I have since started Selbudeath, the socks with the skull design.  Now, after all the issues I had with Durmstrang, I thought for sure I'd have the sizing down.  Same stitch count to start (100) and same yarn, so I assumed size 1.5's would be appropriate.  I had knit Durmstrang on size 2's and had to start all over when they ended up being huge.  Selbudeath recommends 2.5's and I thought there was no way that would work at the same stitch count with the same type of yarn.  I stuck with 1.5's.  I got to the heel, and I couldn't get the stupid thing over my heel.  Way too tight.  What is happening?!  This is crazy.  I started over with size 2's and have barely made any progress since restarting.  I am just not all that into restarting at the moment.  I will get re-motivated and get them done.  In any case, the pattern is really cool and was coming out very nicely.  So assuming I can get a good fit, they're going to be pretty nice.

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