Sunday, December 22, 2013


I finished my Slalom socks.  I like them, although they are a bit short.  I followed the pattern and did 2 repeats of the leg chart before doing the arch increases, but if I made them again I would definitely do at least 3 repeats.  They are much shorter than I normally wear my socks.  This was an interesting pattern.  I liked the way the increases built in allowed the cables to continue down the back of the foot.  It was a new construction for me.  I had some issues with the heel on the first sock, but mainly due to inattention and then mounting frustration.  I redid it about 6 times, I think.  But really it was not difficult; it was just me.

I knit both socks at once, knitting the cuff of one and then the cuff of the other, one repeat of the leg chart on one and then one on the other, etc.  I think I'm just going to do socks this way anymore.  That's how I did the purple knee socks I made recently also, and it just seems to go more quickly.  Also when you get done with one, you're already almost done with the second and not starting over from scratch.  I'm not in love with making two toes in a row or two cuffs in a row or two heels in a row, but overall this works well. 

I also finally finished a Sockdown Challenge! Yay.  Maybe I will win some yarn.

I started a new pair last night, but I'm not sure how they're going to end up.  I'm using some solid purple and green leftovers to make a striped pair, my usual.  I did one toe so far.  I'm going to do a couple stripes on sock one to make sure I like the colors together before starting the second toe.

I'm also waiting on some yarn to arrive for a sweater for Aaron.  This is his Christmas present, although obviously it will be late.  I'm making Marshall.  I had it picked out for a while as one I would like to make him. The other day he was playing a game, and some of the characters had sweaters like that.  We both said we liked them, and then I showed him Marshall and offered to make that as his Christmas sweater.  He agreed and chose black and this weird heathery red/purple/blue color that I just cannot describe.  I will post pictures when it arrives.  Anyway, not the colors I would have chosen, but it's his sweater.  Hopefully that gets here soon, but in the meantime, I will work on the purple and green striped socks.

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