Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christian's Billy

I ended up going with a size 4 for Christian's sweater.  I decided to use brown as a contrast color because I wasn't sure if I'd have enough orange, going with the bigger size.  I would have had just enough, as it turns out.  But I like the way the brown looks and it does tone down the orange, so it may not look as shocking with Christian's red hair.  (I still wouldn't have chosen orange for him, but whatever.)  I did all the buttons last night for all 3 sweaters too. Sid once again helped with photos (although started chewing buttons and got chased away).

The green and blue are supposedly the same size (24 m), although I added an inch of length to the blue; it actually looks closer to the orange (4 y) in size though, which I guess is good since I was afraid it would be too small on Michael.  My gauge must have been off on that one, but again, that's probably good.

Now back to my Slalom socks to hopefully finish by Dec 31 and enter the SKA Sockdown drawing and win something wonderful.  Or at least just have a lovely finished pair of socks.

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