Monday, December 2, 2013

Michael's Billy

I finished the second Billy last night.  This one is for Michael, second nephew.  He is 2, so I made the 24 month size.  But he is also tall, so I added an inch of length at the bottom.  Not to mention that for some reason my buttonholes didn't end up the same way on this as the first one (same size), so I needed to add a few rows to squeeze in another buttonhole.  I must have been knitting more loosely on this one, which I guess is good because there will be more room in the sweater for 2-1/2-year-old.  I think you can actually tell better on this one with the extra length that the back is longer due to short rows.  It wasn't as obvious on Holden's. 

Still needs buttons:


I am debating what size to make Christian.  He is 3 currently, 4 in April, but is pretty tiny, so I think I will stick with the size 3 for him.  Holden isn't going to be 2 until April either, but I still made him the 24 month size since it's a short sleeved top and he may not need it until April anyway.  I made Michael, who was 2 in September, a 24 months also.  I really didn't think out the sizing very thoroughly, looking back now, haha. Hopefully everyone's sweater fits, and if not, they will grow into it.  Unless Michael's is too small, which hopefully it is not, because by the time it is time for wearing short sleeves, he will be more like 30-ish months...Okay, none of this needs to be written out in detail, but I am just hoping now that Michael's fits and not sure if I should go with size 3 or 4 for Christian.

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