Friday, March 19, 2010

New yarn!

Today was the start of the big Cozy Cabin yarn blowout weekend extravaganza. Ok, I made that title up, but it was the start of a big sale, ha. I intended to stock up on some Cascade 220 to make more longies, shorties, and soakers for Kelly's baby. I figured that I would get 10 skeins, since with 30%, it would come to about $50. That is a lot for me to spend on yarn, but I have the money right now and it will save me having to buy it in the future little by little, especially since I don't know what the store will be stocking since it will no longer be Cozy Cabin. I got 10 different colors, most of which can be mixed and matched into different stripe combinations or whatever. New yarn = I am happy.

New paper bag = cat is happy.

AND, it turns out that my KnitPicks yarn became available today instead of next week, so I also ordered $50 worth of yarn from there...eek. I know, I know, all I have complained about lately is that I am broke, but I once again have money, and also they give free shipping for orders over $50. I seriously spent $50.01!! And again, I knew that I intended to spend that amount; it wasn't a lapse in judgment! I got the rest of the yarn for my Very Tall Socks, I got some undyed wool which I will later dye for longies, I got the yarn for Maddy's turtle, and I finally got the yarn for a sweater for Gina! (That yarn has also been on backorder forever or else I would have started that a while ago.) So it was a completely worthwhile purchase. I also stocked up on Kool-Aid today while grocery shopping. It is kind of embarrassing to buy like 40 packets of Kool-Aid at once, by the way, but it is fun to dye with! So today was a big day for yarn, and I can't wait until the KnitPicks stuff arrives! (And now I will probably not let myself buy yarn for like six months because I just spent $100 in one day...)

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