Sunday, May 16, 2010


I knitted up three kitty toy eyeballs yesterday! They were pretty quick and easy. Minion was all over me when I was adding the catnip!! I had to hide them so she doesn't steal them and stash them somewhere. One is for her, but the other two are for Daedra and Kitty Poo, and I don't want Minion making off with all three, haha. They came out quite gross and wonderful.

I also started sewing my two corsety tops yesterday. I don't think I'll post any pictures yet because there is not much to show off at this point. But they have been started. And I started the Go-veralls, although I only have maybe an inch or two of one leg done, so again no pictures. Boring post today, I guess, but you get to see eyeballs at least.

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