Saturday, May 1, 2010

I hate thinking of titles.

Well, I finished typing the play, so I can now focus on my own projects! Susan was so surprised that I had already finished (it's 82 pages, and I started it on Tuesday), and she doesn't even have the money for me yet, but I don't care. It's done, that's all that I am concerned about. I hate having all these obligations piled up.

Anyway, that leaves me time to get more work done on my dress and on stuff for Christian. Although Kelly is getting exasperated by the onslaught of clothes that my mother continues to buy, so she's not exactly going to need or want a ton of stuff for Christian. (My mom won't listen to reason and refuses to stop buying clothes, hahaha. Not that I am any better, I guess, because I bought him another outfit yesterday along with plain onesies to decorate and I'm working on more longies for him.)

Here are the longies so far. I normally would have these finished already, but obviously I've been doing a bunch of stuff at once. I'm just about at the cuff on the first leg. What kind of cuff do I want to do? I'm thinking hemmed, but I don't know. It's a little more work than just a seed stitch or ribbed cuff, but I like the way it looks better.

I made some progress on the dress also. I've completed 10 of 33 steps. I unfortunately misplaced the standard presser foot for my sewing machine some time ago. I searched everywhere for it last night but still can't find it. I can vaguely remember it getting mixed up with something I tossed in the closet a long time ago and thinking at the time that I would never be able to find it again, but I could be imaging that. Anyway, I cleaned out the closet last night and still have yet to locate it. Hopefully I can keep using the zipper foot which is what I've been doing. The next step involves sewing gathers, which I loathe. I think it's only two so that's not too bad. The dress I made for my mom last year was like 3000 gathers and so annoying. So I could have done that last night but decided to tear the house apart searching for the missing part, which I never found. I can't find anything in this house. I need someone to come organize my life. Anyone?

Anyway, here is the dress so far. The bodice is finished, and the lining is attached, although you can't really see it here. You should be able to tell that the top edge is finished now after having sewn in the lining, and the straps are attached. There are a few minor...not really mistakes, but imperfections, I guess. As usual. No big deal though.

Mother Nature has also been working diligently. Aren't tulips the best? :)


  1. I love the dress! I like th prints together. I am def. not daring enough for crazy prints! Go Annie! :)

  2. Thanks! I guess I am kind of bold when it comes to fabrics, but I like to experiment!