Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tucks...what is the point?

I have 16 steps of my dress finished! No new pictures because I basically went through and did a bunch of easy steps last night that didn't have to be done in all the progress is in various parts of the dress and is mostly just two unidentifiable pieces sewn together, ha. Oh well. I may have to redo one thing though because my gathers will not gather! I don't know if I sewed them too tight? The next step on the list is to sew tucks in the midriff. Well. Let me tell you, I have gone over this step about 7500 times and cannot get it straight in my head. I know what it should look like in theory, but getting it to do what I think it is supposed to do...not happening. I looked it up online, I read my Sewing for Dummies book. The tucks, they are not happening. I'm going to skip that and go with a regular midriff. The one other dress in this batch of patterns has a non-pleated midriff, and I'm just going to use that midriff with my dress. There's really no reason for them anyway, except apparently to drive me slowly insane, so it'll be fine.

I finished the first leg of the orange longies last night, but it seemed like waaay too long, so I ripped out the last two inches and am redoing it an inch shorter. (I would have only ripped out an inch but I want the final inch to be red instead of orange, so I had to rip two.) So also, no pictures.

I did do one of the booties for Laura's son. I really don't want to be working on booties for someone else's kid when I could be making stuff for my nephew, but oh well. I don't even know if I mentioned about the sizing in a previous post, but to make them fit a 1-year-old instead of a newborn, I used size 7 needles instead of size 3. It came out a decent size, I guess. I don't know how the heck big a 1-year-old's foot is. And even if it's baggy in the foot, it has a tie at the ankle so it should stay on, and he can grow into it and wear it for a while. Hopefully. I have to do the second one now.

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