Saturday, June 12, 2010


I got to meet Gina and her family yesterday. I gave Enzo his birthday gifts. I didn't take any pictures of him with them because it was right after they arrived and he was still unsure about me. I didn't want to freak him out. You can see pictures of him and our visit on my facebook if we are friends. He is seriously the cutest and funniest little kid. I loved meeting him and his parents. It was a really awesome and fun day! (And the cake, while ugly, was quite tasty!)

Here are some pictures of his toys after I finished them a while ago.



I also finished the fiddler crab today. Once I finally had the interest in attaching the legs, it was pretty easy going from there on, and I finished it all up today. This is for Amanda's baby.

I'm still working on Vestee and the Swinging Stripe Cardigan. I also just ordered yarn for Twist & Shout for Gina, The Laura Sweater for Jeannie, and another Ribbed Baby Jacket for Sabine. And on Friday I'm going to Kelly's house to meet up with Alex, and I'll be teaching her some stuff and also getting started on another Pinwheel Blanket. Busy, busy.

Oh, and also, I got an invitation to Aaron's dad's surprise 60th birthday party. The invitation says semi-formal dress, and my first thought was, "Excuse to make a new dress!" Hahaha, I don't know if I'm definitely going, but I was planning to make a couple more dresses anyway (with the fabric I just bought at Joann last week), and it's always good to have a reason and a deadline.

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