Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ribbed Baby Jacket

I finished Christian's Ribbed Baby Jacket! It came out really cute. I ordered the button for it yesterday, so technically I guess it's not 100% done until I get the button, but whatever.

And my friend Stefanie liked it so much that she requested one for her daughter Sabine, aka Bean, who turned 1 year old today! Yay, happy birthday to Sabine! I have a couple other things to get started on first, and it's not as if a sweater should be necessary in June, so it's no hurry. (Although, actually the other things I am working on include two sweaters.)

I started another sweater for Christian last night, Vestee from Knitty. I made one of these for Enzo for his first birthday, and it was really cute. I'm still working on my Swinging Stripe Cardigan. I haven't made too much progress, but I am nearly at the part where I split the sleeves. No pictures of that because it is just not photogenic at this stage. I have made zero progress on the fiddler crab since I last mentioned it. I am just not ecstatic about attaching all those legs!

In other news, I am extremely excited because Gina and her family are coming to visit! They were supposed to be here tomorrow, but they had a minor change of plans and should be in the area earlier than expected, so I might actually see them tonight too. We met on livejournal in 2005 and have been really good friends ever since. I have "known" her online since before she had her son and lived in her new house, before I had my house, most of my ferrets, my cat, my current job, etc.! We have know each other for years and we talk on the phone sometimes, but this is the first time we are meeting for real in person!! I'm so excited. She is my best girlfriend, and I can't wait to meet her and her husband and son! I also have some presents I made for Enzo for his upcoming 4th birthday, so I will have pictures of those to show off finally. So that's my excitement. I cannot concentrate on work at all today because Gina is coming!

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