Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I finished the body of the sleep sack last night. I intended to make it 4 inches longer than the pattern, but maybe something was off in my measuring because it really only came out about 2 inches longer. Oh well, it's still pretty long, and I doubt Christian will grow to 31 inches any time soon, so it's fine. I did a V-neck this time instead of the button-up neck in the pattern. They don't even use the buttons on the first one, so I figured this would be easier. Here it is so far:

I still have to do a crochet border around the bottom and an I-cord border around the armholes and neck. I'm considering doing the borders in a different color. I have blue and purple left over from the last sleep sack. I'm not sure I like the blue together with the Cactus, though, and Kelly is not that fond of purple, so...I don't know.

I emailed Kelly to ask her. I guess it's up to her because she's the one who has to look at it all the time, ha.

[edit] She likes the blue, which was my last choice! Haha, blue it is.

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