Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't really have much of excitement to report. I have been waiting for Stefanie to send me pictures of Sabine in her sweater before posting, but I guess she'll send them when she's ready! In the meantime, I have been mostly working on the sleeping sack, which is more than halfway done. I'm almost done with the body. I would be done already actually (at least with the body) but Kelly wants it longer since he outgrew the first one so quickly. So I'm doing it 4 inches longer than the pattern calls for. It's boring at this point. Endless stockinette stitch. But I'm getting there. (Kelly and Christian are coming to visit from Thursday to Tuesday! Yay!)

A picture of Eric in the desert in Utah. Cactus is an appropriate name for this anti-color, after all. (I love this picture! One of my favorite from that vacation.)

I've been working on Twist & Shout here and there, not really too diligently at this point. But I am just about to start the armholes on the back, so that's definitely some progress. This is not a wonderful picture.

And that's all I've got for you today.


  1. wow you get to knit alot annie, wish I could knit that much!

  2. haha, I really do, but I have no kids and live alone so all my spare time is my own! And I also don't get out much, hahaha - that leaves plenty of time to knit :)