Friday, July 16, 2010

Cactus. complaining, and cats

Here's a more realistically colored shot of the yarn for the sleeping sack. It's called Cactus, which I guess is appropriate. It has that desert scrub plant look to it, if you have ever been to the desert and seen the general plantlessness of it. It's just not really a color at all. It's not. It's the most colorless color ever. Which makes sense because plants in the desert are like non-plants anyway. So there you go.

All those iron-ons that I just made Christian, using brand new iron-on decals which had no specific washing instructions whatsoever (although Kelly washed them inside out like I suggested) and were specifically made for clothing, basically fell apart in the wash. Christian didn't even get to wear the Dunder Mifflin or the dog because she washed them before he wore them. Which is a huge disappointment. The soccer ball and Schrute Farms ones are still okay enough to wear, but I saw a picture of him in the soccer ball one today and it does not look good. They are now around the house onesies only. So lame. Kelly said I didn't even want to see the DM one. I'm really annoyed about this. Although he apparently is still having a growth spurt because he wore his bee onesie on Saturday and on like Tuesday, it didn't really fit anymore! So he wouldn't have gotten much use out of them anyway. But still it is disappointing.

And just a random bit of information, Minion was kneading the Twist & Shout sweater like crazy today. And when she kneads, she also chews, so when she finished after 5 minutes of serious kneading, it was pretty soggy. That is going to need a good washing before it goes to the recipient, hahaha. (I wash everything I give away anyway, but when it gets chewed on by a cat rather than just sat on, it's an even better idea.)

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