Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finished Sweet Pea Pod Romper

I dyed this yarn. It is called Purple Marple Marble, hahaha.

A few more notes about changes I made:

Short rows: I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I added short rows because of the cloth diaper. I did the middle size (3-6). After connecting in the round and knitting to 10.5 inches, I knit 2 rows and then did 1 short row, 3 st in from each marker. Then I knit 2 more rows and did 1 short row, 5 st in from each marker. I did that 4 times total, moving the short row in 2 st each time. Then I knit 2 more rows, finishing at 12.5 inches (as in the pattern), and was ready to start the gusset, which I already made notes on in my previous post.

Legs: After I finished the gusset, I did the sleeves, using the opposite end of the ball so I didn't have to cut the yarn on the body. (By doing the sleeves at this point, I was able to use all the remaining yarn for the legs and not have any left over.) After the sleeves, I grafted the gusset and then did both legs at the same time, knitting 1 row of one leg and then 1 row of the other, from each end of the ball of yarn, back and forth until I ran out of yarn. I didn't feel like measuring and guessing how long to make the legs, so this was the best way to go in order to use up all the yarn and make sure the legs would be the same length! They ended up 3.5 inches long.

Button band: The only thing left after all that is the collar/button band. In the pattern, it has you knit the collar in three separate parts, which I wasn't thrilled about. I picked up all the stitches at once and knit it in one piece - 23 st from right front, pm, 19 st from right neck (the angled part), 10 st from right arm, 16 st from back neck, 10 st from left arm, and 36 st from left front (114 st total). I increased 1 st after the marker on each RS row so that it would stay pointy, like in the Gift Wrap Romper (116 st total on last row). I did YO buttonholes on the second WS row - K to marker, [K5, YO] x3, K5. (My button band was - pick up row, WS row, RS/inc row, WS/buttonhole row, RS/inc row, BO. Not sure if that counts as 4, 5, 6 rows? of garter stitch.) I don't have any more snaps and don't feel like paying postage on them, so I went with functional buttons this time. After I finished up the button band, I sewed the very bottom of each side to the bottom of the neckline, overlapping the right side on the left side a little, to make it look neater.

If I made this again, I would not slip the first stitch of each row on the body because it made it hard to pick up a decent amount of stitches for the button band. I really should have picked up more than I did so it would lay more flat, but it looks okay.

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